Choosing The Best Ice Fishing Tackle & Fishing Lakes (Step By Step Guide)

Written on April 10, 2017   By   in pro tackle Gear

There’s no doubt about it that having the best ice fishing tackle is vital to make sure you catch the most fish and also make sure you stay safe on the ice. The tackle required for ice fishing is more than likely going to be different to what you may be used to using for other types of fishing such as fly fishing or river fishing.

You will almost certainly be using smaller rods for example, usually 2 to 3 feet in length. These allow you to sit nearer to the hole in the ice. This also means you are more sensitive to the bites that you will get which means you’ll be able to strike sooner and have more chance of hooking the fish.

Best Ice Fishing Tackle

Another item of ice fishing tackle that is becoming more popular is called a tip up. This is a special device that raises a flag when a fish takes your bait. This means you do not have to sit for long period of time hold your rod.

You can simply drop your bait in, attach it to the device and leave it until a fish takes the bait. As soon as this happens the flag will be raised and you will know to strike. These are becoming more and more popular with ice fishermen all over the world.

There are many websites you can look at to choose ice fishing tackle. They will all vary in the amount of equipment they stock and the prices they charge, so it is always a good idea to shop around and don’t buy from the first site you see. Many tackle shops offer better deals for ordering online than they would normally from selling from the shop.

This is basically because there is less amount of time involved if you order directly from the website. If you’re unsure just visit your favourite search engine and type in “ice fishing tackle”. This will bring up a list of the most popular web sites in order so that you know where to start.

Finding the best ice fishing lakes

The definition of ice fishing lakes basically means any lake that has frozen over enough to walk on and that has a good supply of fish that can be caught relatively easy by the average fisherman.

Some of the best ice fishing lakes in the world can be found in North America and Canada. The biggest lakes tend not to freeze all the way over due to the immense size of them but some of the smaller lakes freeze completely and can make a great fishing spot.

best ice fishing lakes

Ice fishing lakes are not on the good places to fish when they are frozen, they can usually be fished all year round. Many species become more active in the summer months and do more feeding to allow them to survive in the winter where food may be harder for them to obtain.

That’s why it’s usually possible to catch more fish in the summer months. The great thing about fishing in the North America and Canada areas is that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of ice fishing lakes to choose from.

Salmon and pike are usually the most common fish that our caught in the ice fishing lakes. These types of fish can grow to quite a large size due to them being natural predators. Pike for instance will feed off smaller fish and have even been known to attack fish larger than themselves. They have very large sharp teeth that can do a lot of damage to its prey.

Obviously safety is paramount if you are going fishing on any of the ice fishing lakes. It is highly recommended that you always go with at least one other person just in case something goes wrong.

Sometimes the ice can look quite thick but in reality it may not even support one man’s weight, so you should always have a backup plan just in case you end up going through the ice. It is always better to be prepared just in case.