About Us

Pro-Tackle Imports:

about_us_2Pro-Tackle Imports is a thriving family enterprise located in Burnsville, Minnesota. It is operated by Kelly and Peggy Hoban. Kelly is originaly from Duluth, Minnesota, where you are born with a love of fishing.He has been an avid fisherman for over forty years, and has fished in lakes, rivers, streams, and ocean waters, all over the North American continent including Canada, Hawaii, and Mexico. Kelly has met a lot of fishermen along the way, and has gained a vast amount of knowledge through his

Why You Purchase from our Website:

Protackle.Net seeks out manufacturers that are new to the fishing industry. It’s not easy for these guys to get their new and innovative products to the masses. The large retailers, and supply houses make it very difficult for the little guy to
turn a profit, while taking a bigger margin for themselves. As a result, the average angler is often denied exposure to some realy good products, and the manufacturers of these products will often go out of buisness. Protackle.Net is a place where these new products can be showcased to anglers everywhere!
By purchasing products from our website, you help to support the creation of new products and ideas.

Pro-Tackle Advantage:

about_us_1Our site is easy to navigate, and quick to load We only seek products of the highest quality,
that can be sold at a resonable price. We offer a one year warranty on all major items on this site. Your purchase will be 128 bit SSL encrypted via Skipjack secure online payment gateway system.